Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip down the memory lane 080508

Getting the last final bits of sentimental glimpses before it all fade into history. We moved here after living in nyc for 2 years. Nice quiet old estate. We worked all day in the funky 3 room apartment. Those Red, orange & cream wall keeps us sane. Also all the nice foodie from the nearby hawker centre is always a great treat that we look forward to during lunch and supper breaks. Our neighbors always wonder if we hold proper jobs since they don't see us leaving for work in the morning. With my clean shaven head at that time, some thought I'm an ex-con that's fresh out from prison! :P

Now the estate is enbloc (slated for redevelopment). We miss the colored walls, the heat from the rooftop, the birds that chirped in the morning, the food that we can get at 3 am in the morning and most importantly, the simplicity and space that we have.

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Rayanne said...

You gave it such a warm fuzzy feeling to the photos of your home. I love it! Please teach me how you did it LOL