Thursday, August 16, 2007


I reflected on my behaviour the night before I took this picture. Something that is so unlike me yet it happened. I shouted at the driver of a car in front of the vehicle I was in. We were in a very very narrow street waiting for the car in front of us to squeeze its way through 3 cars parked illegally at the side. This is a real test for any not so confident driver! After something like 4 mins the car in front got through & we thought wow great! Let's move! To our dismay, the car kicked into reverse gear & tried parking in front of the 3 parked vehicles!! I snapped.... not the picture...but with a decibel defying shout directed at the parking idiot wannabe to move without parking. He moved on without parking... I just wonder why would anyone who had just experienced the difficulty of squeezing through 3 vehicles parked in a narrow lane to add on to the problem. Haha I still do not understand.

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